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What is Auction?

An auction process is the procedural steps involved in the sale and purchase of goods and services, in which the selling price is automatically discovered during the course of open competitive bidding. It is the mechanism employed for discovering the best price for the transaction.

What is Proxybid?

Proxy biddingΒ lets you bid even when you can't attend the auction.

How can I set Proxybid?

To place a proxy bid in an auction,Β type your maximum bid in the appropriate box by click on Proxy Bid button and Click on Save.

What is Flash?

When Someone Bid for Product, whole box will flash, So Users Get attention once Bid Placed.

What is timer in RED color?

This Timer indicate remaining time of Product Auction Bidding. Red timer start displaying once 60 seconds are remaining. After This timer end, Page will refresh and product disappear from list and last bidder is consider as winner as soon as Timer End.

How it works?

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