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What is Auction?

An auction process is the procedural steps involved in the sale and purchase of goods and services, in which the selling price is automatically discovered during the course of open competitive bidding. It is the mechanism employed for discovering the best price for the transaction.

What is Proxybid?

Proxy bidding lets you bid even when you can't attend the auction.

How can I set Proxybid?

To place a proxy bid in an auction, type your maximum bid in the appropriate box by click on Proxy Bid button and Click on Save.

What is Flash?

When Someone Bid for Product, whole box will flash, So Users Get attention once Bid Placed.

What is timer in RED color?

This Timer indicate remaining time of Product Auction Bidding. Red timer start displaying once 60 seconds are remaining. After This timer end, Page will refresh and product disappear from list and last bidder is consider as winner as soon as Timer End.

How it works?



User Can Register themselves by e mail and password. Once User Registered with E mail, they can log-in by entering user name and password under login section. User can also simply sign into Facebook account without having to create a new account for the website.

View Auction

User Can View Running Auction Here. All users can view other users (Participated users) Bid history and current Bid as well as Last bidding Price on Running Auction. Also, user can view end time of Auction.


Bidding is competitively offering a price that the bidder or the person offering. The price offered is called a bid, the person offering the price is called the bidder and the entire phenomenon is known as bidding. The highest price a marketer is will to pay for a commodity at a given time for product Or the product that is in an auction is offered a specific amount in exchange for that product is also called a bid.

Set Proxybid

You can set proxy bid if you away from Running Auction on website. To place a proxy bid in an auction, type your maximum bid in the appropriate box by click on Proxy Bid button and Click on Save.

View Auction I Winning/Loosing

User can View Current Winning Auction and Current losing auction on respective tabs. User can view Auction list in which they participated and currently losing or winning status with Product name, Current Price and winner name.

Get Auction Winning Email

As Auction will end, last bidder is Consider as winner, And system will send e mail to that user is known as Auction Winning Email. under that e mail, Product name, Winning price and starting Bid of that product will display. user can pay by click on buy now button within 24 hours.

View Auction I Won/Loss

These tabs will display Won/loss Auctions list in which logged in user Participated. These tabs show winning information regarding Product with Winning Price, winner name, Starting Bid price, Start and end date of Auction with Payment status. Under Auction Won tab, user can see their won Auction with Pay now option for Purchase those Products.

Make Payment

User Can make payment by Click on Checkout Button from Cart. Once User add item to cart, They have to pay for those Product by Click on Checkout button where basic information of user will collect by system and then user can choose Any payment system for purchase product.

Second Chance (24 hours)

As soon as Auction will End, Last bidder will get e mail for purchase that product, If that user will not make payment under 24 Hours, that product will transfer to second last Bidder and same flow will running and so on.

How can I make Mask Payment?

If user want to make payment for more than one product on same time, user can directly click on Payment option from Mini cart.', 'How can I make Mask Payment?

Auction History

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Product Image Product Name Starting Bid Auction Win Price End Date Auction Winner Name View
SBB Signtautre Mystery Acro Grab it $ 1 $ 27 03-18-23 07:20 PM

Joseph Granath

INdo Gold Colored Down Torch $ 1 $ 76 03-18-23 07:21 PM

Samuel Christensen

SBB " Red Dragon" Goni $ 1 $ 60 03-18-23 07:22 PM

Anne Luebke

SBB " Frozen Voltron" Speciosa XL $ 1 $ 201 03-18-23 07:23 PM

Ryan Moore

NO name Mushroom $ 1 $ 16 03-18-23 07:24 PM

Stephen Price

Ultra Indo Gold Torch $ 1 $ 90 03-18-23 07:40 PM

Scott Martin

SBB Colored down Rapunzal $ 1 $ 96 03-18-23 07:41 PM

Amanda McKnight

SBB Mystery Signatue grab it Large Multi branch $ 1 $ 69 03-18-23 07:42 PM

mayra banuelos

SBB " AfterBurner XXL " $ 1 $ 46 03-18-23 07:43 PM

Amanda McKnight

NO name Grab it Mushroom $ 1 $ 26 03-18-23 07:44 PM

Stephen Price